F2U CLUB OU is Estonia based Registered organization established in 27th November 2019. We are Developing software solutions to refine business process to help investors all over the world. We Use Blockchain Technology to register Business Events and help Business Units to mobilize their resources with the help of tokens.

We have developed Escrow Smart Contracts works with Multi Signature wallets, which makes it is possible for us to exchange the resources in Using Blockchain Technology.

We have also issued 100 Milion CLUB Tokes initially for 20 USD and the details of exchange transaction available at https://stellarasset.com/en/assets/1936-club-club.

Our Business Applications at present tested at stellar Blockchain Network and over the time will be extended to other networks


We have developed Multisignature Wallets for public to move digital assets like GOLD/CURRENCY/CRYPTO TOKENS/CRYPTOS ASSETS/CRYPTO COINS/ CRYPTO TOKENS and AUTO EXCHANGE the assets BASED on BUSINESS EVENTS.

OUR team consist of International Financial Tech Experts help business groups to identify Business Partners for Innovative Business Ventures and developing Business Process Using latest Technology.

Our Registered office is at

Vana-Veerenni tn 4-15 Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn Harju maakond 10135