NEW Innovative FinTech SOLUTION from F2U CLUB

We made it easy to raise and Manage your finance for your Business Idea. It is Free Two You- using just CHAT BOT. No Programming. No Coding.

No kidding indeed

Free two you or F2U club concept explained. F2U CLUB WORKS in cloud environment. The virtual clubs helps people to market their ideas. Till this day the technology was available only to showcase the idea but funding a idea and making it to reach to public without much cost was not available. We made it possible using blockchain technology. The idea or data content is verified from source party and it is made available to intended party economically using blockchain technology along with Smartsheet and Smart Chain network. when you make a request at chat bot or in your Smartsheet the cloud engine will search for the party in the database and communicate and extract data from source party and made available to intended party. The decision making process also automated. If you intend to go further with business transaction we have escrow business model which will hold the value of intended business transaction on behalf of both the parties and it will be released after conclusion of escrow terms and conditions. F2U.CLUB at present distributing 90 BILION CLUB CREDITS for its 100 MILION CLUB TOKEN owners and in future one can see the automated business transactions across the globe. The tokens at present distributed using stellar blockchain network and also parallel smart chain network developed by F2U.CLUB.……

There is no requirement of coding or knowledge of technology. If you have knowledge of using any chat app then you make a request in English(In future all the languages will be involved) then the chat bot will process the request on behalf of customer. At present CLUBCREDIT is used as FUEL for initiating any transaction in smart network and distributed to CLUB Token owners (100 CLUBCREDIT every year FREE for TEN YEARS TILL 31st DECEMBER 2030) and as well as PUBLIC. CLUB TOKEN owners will buy from PUBLIC the required EXTRA tokens and public can use CLUBCREDIT to avail services from operated virtual clubs. The whole business is operated in automated environment and Artificial Intelligence will assist the whole process of decision making with the help of smart sheets. One can visit https://t,me/f2uzclub​ for more details

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